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Particularly for the cosmetics industry, one of the easiest strategies for launching a product is to tie it to a seasonal promotion. At the start of every season, customers are on the lookout for the latest beauty products to try out and possibly add to their daily routines. Capitalize on the popularity of major beauty brands such Bath and Body Works and their fall product lineup to strategize your campaign.


Let customers know that you also have a new and exciting product to offer. Give out free sample sizes of the new product along with purchases of existing ones. On social media, share information on the beauty benefits of some of the product’s key ingredients or partner with major beauty bloggers and influencers to create promotional videos.


In essence, put as much energy as you can in attracting customer attention early, so that by the time launch day rolls around, your chances of success are greatly increased.

Design Elements:

Cosmetic Jar Mockup

Tree Clipart

Autumn Gold Foil Pattern

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