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Howl at the Moon

Bakeries, pastry shops and baked goods businesses are able to easily adapt to changing seasons and holidays.

By making slight changes to ingredients and decorative effects they have the advantage of converting existing products into seasonal offerings.


One such item is the popular fall flavored beverage. Every year fans of the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte can’t wait for the chance to purchase their first cup of the season. Coming up with your own unique creation will give your customers something new and interesting to try and, hopefully, become devoted as well. Offering it for a limited time creates a sense of urgency which encourages customers to try the item sooner rather than later.


Join in on the holiday fun by offering free cookies to all customers dressed in costume on Halloween. Sharing photos of all those fun and elaborate costumes coming in and out of your store throughout the day is pure social media gold.


Hosting an instructional class on cookie decorating or cake frosting is another clever way to attract more foot traffic. Promote these classes as a fun activity for families to do together. While you have this captive audience, make sure to offer free samples of some of your best sellers. That little bit of hospitality may help to secure a future purchase. As they go about looking for desserts and baked goods during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, they just might remember that delicious sample they tried in your shop.

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