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Cheers to the Holidays

Ahhh, the holidays are here. Decorations are going up, holiday music can be heard everywhere and families are coming together to eat, drink and be merry. Holiday dinners, desserts and cocktails are in great demand during these festive times. Generating some extra revenue as a caterer, personal chef or food service business should be as easy as pie. Just make sure to add enough holiday touches to your marketing strategy to maximize your ROI during the season.


Spruce up your social media accounts to reflect a holiday theme. Consistency is key. Make sure to use the same graphic elements, colors and fonts across all of your marketing channels, i.e, Website, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Stay “top on mind” with your email subscribers by sending out a weekly emailer leading up to the major holidays. Share your holiday food and drink recommendations and promote special offers to keep them enticed.


Use pricing psychology and the decoy effect to maximize the profitability of your menu. Structure your pricing to increase the attractiveness of key food items and service features. Get in the spirit of giving by offering a free gift with purchase of your most profitable service packages. Everyone is looking for a deal during the holidays. That bit of incentive could help to give you an edge over your competition.


Most of all, don’t forget that the most important part of the holiday season is making time to spread joy and good cheer during the most wonderful time of the year.

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