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Think Pink

and Pamper for a Cure

October is breast cancer awareness month. If your business is in the spa industry and you’re wondering how to get involved in this global campaign, first decide whether you want to focus your energy on one big event or spread it across several ongoing activities. If you decide to go big, make sure to include several fun and festive touches that will delight your customers and attract lots of attention.


Introduce new spa treatments and assign names based on a pink theme. Think of names that create a sense of luxury and glamour. Set up a complimentary dessert bar with pink sweets and chilled champagne. Encourage guests to take selfies with their favorites and share online. Take advantage of the extra positive attention to push product sales and clear some inventory. Offering free massages to breast cancer survivors will help to establish your reputation as a company who cares.


Overall, if you create a fun and exciting experience for your guests, they will be more than happy to help spread the word and support the cause.  With the extra revenue generated from the campaign, you can then make a sizeable donation to a breast cancer organization of your choice and establish your business as a pink partner in the fight against breast cancer.

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